Little Devil Inside -

Little Devil Inside is a 3D action adventure RPG game about a college professor who investigates paranormal activities with you.

In Little Devil Inside you are thrown into a surreal, caricatured, but somewhat familiar setting with men, creatures, and monsters to interact with, learn, and hunt.  The key design concept behind the game is minimalism. In the game, the developers wanted to create and design a world with a surreal but familiar look and feel. As opposed to developing fully life-like, high polygon characters, the developers went with more of a subtle design, creating the world and characters within it with a level of visual detail that is minimal but sufficient enough to give players a vivid image of the world in which they are playing.

The game is still some way off yet, but the pre-alpha in-game footage that has been released looks stunning.

Price in Australia: AUD 37 or AUD 33 if you get in early on Kickstarter

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