North Drinkware - The Oregon Pint Glass

There might not be a better way to enjoy a tasty pint of beer, then when on holiday taken in the scenery. North Drinkware have captured the beautiful scenery of Mt. Hood in Oregon, America in their Oregon Pint Glass.

This 16 oz. glass is hand blown from a custom mould. A replica of the Mt. Hood peak sits on the bottom of the glass, and while it may be small the detail is amazing thanks to the use of  United States Geological Survey topographical data which the designers at North Drinkware converted into a 3D model.

North Drinkware launched a Kickstarter campaign back in February with a project goal of $15,000. Within five days the project was 2000% funded and such was it popularity it was selected as a Kickstarted staff pick.

If you missed out of the Kickstart campaign, North Drinkware will be launching The Oregon Pint glass in December 2015.

Price In Australia: TBA

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