Furniture Grown from Trees by Full Grown Ltd. -

British furniture maker Gavin Munro has taken a 2.5 acre field in England and turned it into a “botanical manufacturing” plant. Through a series of complex molding systems, Full Grown Ltd. turns trees into naturally-grown furniture with no joins, nails or glue of any kind.

They use Fraxinus (Ash), Willow, Oak and other tree varieties to produce truly unique furniture. As you can imagine, this is a lengthy process that requires a lot of care and attention – Willow chairs take about 5 years to complete, and Oak upwards of a decade.

Growing furniture isn’t new – there are examples of it being done in ancient Chinese, Egyptian and Greek Cultures. However, Munro seems to be the first to produce these works at a larger scale. The first productions should be ready by 2017, but will come at a price.

A first-run Willow chair will set you back at least AUD 5,000.

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