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The umbrella has been around for a long time, and it has always had a few annoying little flaws. The KAZbrella is a new revolutionary umbrella designed to serve the same purpose as an umbrella but do it better.

The KAZbrella has been developed over the course of a few years of research and engineering, resulting in a product which resembles an umbrella, but has been completely redesigned. To put it simply the KAZbrella is a reverse folding umbrella designed to rid it’s user of the annoying things which go along with using a traditional umbrella.

Because the KAZbrella opens inside out – think of it like a flower opening up – the water on the outside of the canopy is contained on the inside when closed, so it won’t drip. The KAZbrella also opens and closes in confined spaces easier due to the way in which it opens meaning closing it whilst getting into your car will be a lot smoother. Finally, the KAZbrella is much stronger than a regular umbrella due to it’s double-spoking. In the unlikely event in which the KAZbrella is blown inside out it isn’t an issue, at the click of the button it will restore to it’s open shape.

Price in Australia: AUD 76 + Shipping for the KAZbrella black or AUD 88 + shipping for a coloured version.

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