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RideOn ski goggles are the world’s first true augmented reality (AR) goggles. Unlike other AR goggles which only have a static heads-up display in one section of your vision, the RideOn goggles offer an interface that takes place in the centre of your field of vision. You are able to interact with it and control the features without impacting your visibility.

RideOn has 3 features interact, navigate and play.

The Interact feature allows you to communicate with other people using the goggles. You are able to send audio and video as well as find the locations of your friends around you. Of course you are able to connect to social media to post photos and videos online.

Built-in navigation means you will never get lost again out of the slopes. You can even find ski lift locations and check queue waiting times.

The play feature is really just a novelty. Adding a virtual slalom track or a ghost of your favourite skier to chase down the mountain. You can compete against your friends for the best time or highest score.

Novelty aside, RideOn’s ability to project the display 15ft in front of the rider makes it easier to interact with the technology without obstructing your vision. And seamlessly integrating the AR experience.

Price in Australia: Pre-Order AUD 760 + Shipping (RRP: AUD 1,135 )

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