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In the world of action video cameras GoPro reigns supreme but what if you don’t want to spend $500? Then the Polaroid Cube is for you. At only AUD $165 (or $215 for the bundle which includes the waterproof case and suction cup mount) it is extremely good value for a 1080p HD video camera.

At only 35 mm and 45 grams the Cube is a tiny camera. It’s robust design means you don’t have to handle it with care, just throw it into your backpack and off you go.

Recording resolution is offer in 720p at 30 frames per second or 1080p at 30fps, with maximum recording time of 5 minutes per file. However quality isn’t quite up to the standard of GoPro but for bang for bucks the quality is on par with the price.

The wide-angle lens has a 124-degree angle of view, there is some barrel distortion but that’s pretty standard for the category. The body is shock-proof and weatherproof, so a little rain or snow won’t hurt it but you wouldn’t want to submerge it.

The Cube has a magnet on the bottom, so you can easily mount it. However if you require something more versatile there is a waterproof case available with a design similar to that of GoPro

Price in Australia: AUD 165 including shipping

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