Aston Martin One 77 Road Bike -

The British sportscar manufacturer Aston Martin has released something that might convince James Bond to opt for two-wheels on his next mission.

The One 77 road bike is developed through partnership between Aston Martin and Factor Bikes to coincide with the launch of the AUD 2,300,000 One 77 Coupe. Similar to the car, only 77 of these road bikes were ever produced.

The bike is produced from carbon fibre, and features an internal hydraulic gear and brake system. No cables, pipes or connectors to be seen. A fully fledged data logging and display system is built into the bike as standard, and will display everything from speed and temperature, through to your climb rate, torque and power delivery. It also tracks biometric information such as respiration, core body temperature and heart rate.

Probably not available, but if it was, you could expect to pay upwards of AUD 50,000 each.

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