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Born as a result of back-to-back international trips, the Discommon Goods Watch Wallet is designed to keep your valuables such as your passport, watches, and tickets together.

With a waxed Italian leather outer and tweed inner, the Discommon Goods Watch Wallet oozes style. The entire wallet is lined with 3mm D30 Foam, which is an impact protection foam most commonly used in ski, mountain bike, and motorcycle protective gear. The D30 foam is soft at rest, but upon impact instantly stiffens to absorb energy upon impact.

Watches are something that should last you a long time, help them survive your travels with a Discommon Goods Watch Wallet.

The Discommon Goods Watch Wallet is available in a choice of 2 different leather colours; Wolf Grey and Tobacco Brown.

Price in Australia: AUD 485 + Shipping

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