The Light Phone -

With the advancement of technology mobile phones have become more than just phones, but what happens when you want to disconnect from all “social media” and the constant updates? The answer is simple…

The Light Phone is a credit card-sized mobile phone which takes technology back to basics. It can’t send messages, surf the web or update your facebook, all it does is send and receive calls.

It links to your normal phone via an app so you can forward calls you want to receive. However it uses its own phone number and is supplied with a pre-paid sim and preloaded minutes so it can be used independently from your current mobile phone.

Battery life has up-to 20 days standby making it the perfect backup for those times you forget your phone at home. It also has the ability to store up to 10 numbers so you won’t forget to call those important people in your life.

In an age where we are constantly bombard with updates from social media, and spending more and more time on our phones rather than connecting with the people in the real world. It’s great to see a company that is helping us disconnect while still having the safety and secure of a mobile phone.

Price in Australia: AUD 130 + Shipping

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