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In the world of business it’s basic etiquette when meeting a new contact to exchange business cards. In this modern age of technology a simple bit of paper is still the best way to exchange details. However Intsig have come up with a very simple way of compiling this information and storing it on your smart phone without actually having to type in any of the information.

CamCard allows you to take a photo of a business card with your smartphone and automatically save the details from the person name, their contact details and any other information on their business card. The app will accurately read cards in 16 different languages.

CamCard also allows you to go paperless and exchange electronic business cards securely when meeting new people at meetings, tradeshows, seminars and other business social occasions.

You are able to manager all your contacts by adding notes, setting reminders, quickly searching, tagging and sharing cards.

The app has two options a free version or a pay version (AUD 1.35). The pay version has a cloud syncing service that lets people save cards across all of their different devices.

For companies there is also a version which has extra security features to make sure their client and business partners list stay secure.

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