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Camera bags are essential for the avid photographer, but many of them completely miss the mark on styling. The Emissary Camera Bag is a stylish and versatile camera bag designed to do more than just simply carry your camera.

Made from a nylon blend with leather shoulder pad and accents , the Emissary Camera Bag is made to withstand the rigours of daily life. It features a locking mechanism inspired by the film-advance levers from the film era and is smooth, quiet, and elegant to use.
One of the most unique features on the bag is the lens cap mount. Precision machined from a single piece of aluminium, the patent-pending lens cap is attached to the outside of the case and is designed to be a holding spot for your lens caps whilst you are using your camera. The mount has a number of grooves designed to accommodate a range of lens cap sizes.
Finally, each bag comes with nine velcro-backed pockets of varying sizes, allowing you to eliminate clutter within the bag by creating pockets for often free-floating necessities such as your wallet, keys, phone, stationary and more. The velcro-backed pockets are removable and can be arranged in any pattern desired.

The Emissary Camera Bag is available in two designs; the Burzin and the Cumbysis. The Burzin bag is the smaller of the two and is able to hold a 13″ Macbook and Micro 4/3 cameras, or a DSLR, and is available in black, green, or in a tanned leather colour. The Cumbysis – the bigger brother of the two – is able to hold a 15″ Macbook and a DSLR, or a gripped DSLR, and is available in green or black.

Price in Australia: AUD 375 + Shipping for the Burzin, or AUD 450 + Shipping for the Cumbysis

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