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When you travel you want your bags to be as small as possible to make those long haul flights or drives as comfortable as possible.  The GOBAG is a carry-on sized duffel bag designed so that you can travel as compact as possible with everything you’ll need.

The GOBAG’s key feature is it’s Max Pack Bag, a welded bag made from TPU coated nylon with an integrated valve, allowing you to vacuum compress all your soft goods using either a vacuum cleaner or simply by compressing it with your hands.

Made up of quality components such as 1000d Cordura nylon for abrasion resistance, TPU coated ballistic nylon for waterproofing, carbon steel G hooks, monkey fist zip pulls, and YKK zippers, the GOBAG is made to go the distance.

The GOBAG has a few detachable extras available; the Max Pack Bag is one, the other is the Detachable clear washbag, designed to hold your liquids and pastes. It is easily removed, simply rip the bag off from it’s velcro attachment and you’re good to go.

Price in Australia: AUD 260 + Shipping for the GOBAG with included Max Pack Bag and the Detachable Washbag.

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