The Bug Out Bracelet -

If you’re somebody who likes to be prepared for anything then the Bug Out Bracelet is the bracelet for you. This all-purpose survival bracelet from Superesse straps will have you prepared for any adventure or misadventure. Made from the ever useful paracord with a total cordage of 160 – 240 feet including 7 inner nylon strands, each with 2 braided strings. With just the bracelet material alone, one can replace shoestrings, make a bow saw, lash together logs to create a raft, make a fishing line and more.

The bracelet features a vast array of attachments useful in a survival situation. A mini curved surgical blade, a steel ferro rod and striker for starting a fire, a water / wind proof match, a small bandage, a luminous compass, an MSR Aquatab water purifier, fish hook, one ziptie, a P38 can opener, and a whistle are a few of the attachments included on the bracelet.

The Bug Out Bracelet is kitted out with 25+ tools weaved into the bracelet (25 are standard with 5 optional extras) and is made to order. Be prepared for anything with this insane piece of survival kit.

Price in Australia: 180 + Shipping

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