Roost Laptop Stand -

Nowadays we spend a lot of time hunched over our laptops at work, home, or school, and with that comes all the associated pains. Minimise your risk of aches and pains by sticking your laptop up on a Roost Laptop Stand.

The Roost Laptop Stand is a highly portable laptop stand which sits at eye-level to prevent the “laptop hunch” that’s so common nowadays. The Roost is adjustable from 15.2cm to 28.0cm high, allowing you to quickly adjust the screen height between to match your eye-level. Thanks to it’s patent-pending “pivoting grips” the Roost laptop stand automatically adjusts to fit your laptop’s shape and size, giving you a safe and stable platform on which to put your laptop. The Roost fits laptops with a front edge that is less than 1.9cm thick, which is most current laptops.

The Roost Laptop Stand has an optional RKM (Roost Keyboard Mouse) case made from nylon which has space to store your Roost, Bluetooth keyboard, and a mouse.

Price in Australia: AUD 52 or get in early on Kickstarter and get it for AUD 38

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