Amok Draumr 2.0 -

There are times when finding the perfect camping spot isn’t an option. Although real men deal with it, the more luxury inclined man has more options. “The presidental suite to nature´s own hotel”, Amok equipment produces the Amok Draumr 2.0, a camping hammock which doubles up as an almost reclining sofa. The main feature of the Draumr would be its ability to provide a perfectly flat sleeping surface with a maximum load rating of 150 kg, just tipping the scales in at 2.05 kg with a tarp and stakes. Being off the ground also ensures the lack of contact with Redbacks and Funnelwebs for the luxury inclined man.


Price: AUD$430.20 (free worldwide shipping)

Shipping to customers starts April 15

Available at Amokequipment