Cubic - Personal A.I -

Cubic is a Personal A.I assistant which harnesses the power of all of your scattered technology. Just talk to Cubic, and Cubic gets things done.

If you’re at work, Cubic can adjust the temperature at home, turn off your lights, lock your doors, set your alarm, and more. On the go, Cubic can remind you where you parked or even tell you how many calories you’ve burned. In the car, Cubic can give you traffic updates and read you emails.  At home, Cubic can tell you when your favorite show is on, play music, order delivery or read instructions while you cook.

The Cubic ecosystem allows users to connect with a range of devices in the home and on the go. With developer-friendly, open API, opportunities for integration are endless. Not to mention that there’s already a long list of devices, apps and services which you can use with Cubic.

Watch the video below to get a much better understanding of how Cubic works.

Cubic Live Demo

Cubic Informational Video

Price in Australia: AUD $380 (Estimated delivery: November 2015)

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