Phillips Hue -

Change the way you look at lighting with the Phillips Hue. The Phillips Hue is an LED-based lighting solution that screws straight into regular light sockets. Link the Hue to a Hue Bridge and have complete control of the colour and intensity of potentially every room in your house right from your phone. The Hue also features a timer function allowing you to set points in time at which it can change colour and intensity, and if you ever feel the urge to travel but you’re worried about your house looking slightly empty, the Hue is controllable through the app from anywhere in the world. Just create a Hue account and login to the app, and you’re able to control any of the wireless Hue bulbs linked to the account.

Each box includes 3 Hue light bulbs and the Hue Bridge.

Price in Australia: $250 AUD

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