The Cloud -

Bring the storm into your living room with The Cloud by Richard Clarkson. The Smart Cloud is an interactive lamp and speaker system that’s designed to mimic a thundercloud in both appearance and sound. Using in-built motion sensors The Cloud detects the user’s presence, and based off of movement around it The Cloud displays a unique light show akin to that of a thundercloud, accompanied by thunder sounds via it’s in-built 2.1 speakers.

The Cloud can also play music, has adjustable lighting which allows the user to set the cloud to their preferred warmth and brightness via remote, and has a music recognition mode in which The Cloud syncs thunder flashes to the beat of the music, or it can even be used as a nightlight.

At $3,360 USD ($4,430 AUD) the cloud isn’t the cheapest lighting solution available, but there is the option to buy the lamp-only model which is simply a lamp only, as indicated by the name.

Or if The Cloud is a little big for your liking, get it’s little brother, the Tiny Cloud

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