Little Printer by Berg -

Tired of digital noise? Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest… the list goes on. We’re so busy these days consuming content on so many different platforms, flipping between applications and trying to take it all in. The Little Printer by Berg is a quirky little device that cuts through this noise and prints out a paper version of your favourite feeds, news headlines or messages from family.

You can subscribe to 160 different publications – from news headlines (similar to the old stock tickers) to daily quotes. You can also buy them for your family and wirelessly send travel photos and other updates directly to the device. Your mom will LOVE this, and knowing you, it’s probably been too long since you last called her.

Sure, it’s a bit of a novelty device, but with such a cute little face and ability to cut through some of the digital noise out there, we can’t see any reason not to get one.

Price in Australia: AUD 260 + shipping

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