Flyte Levitating Light -

Meet Flyte, the lightbulb that levitates. Utilising magnetic levitation and wireless power transmission technology, the shatterproof LED bulb seemingly magically floats in the air, rotating slowly above it’s sustainably sourced wooden base.
The base plugs into a standard power outlet and allows the user to switch the light on and off with just a touch of it’s base through the use of capacitive touch sensor technology. The Flyte Levitating Light also has the ability to charge your smartphone by simply placing your phone over the base, it does however require third party accessories.

Available in your choice of three wood types; oak, ash, or walnut, the Flyte Levitating Light is set for release in October – November of 2015.

Price in Australia: AUD 500 + shipping or AUD 315 + shipping if you get in early.

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