TomTom Bandit Action Camera -

The Action Camera market has been quite competitive for the last few years, with new competitors attempting to one-up the competition with their latest iteration. Well the TomTom Bandit Action Camera is the new kid on the block with a host of on the fly features aiming to make it simpler than ever to put together an awesome highlights reel of your latest day up on the mountain or at the track.

Using integrated GPS and various other sensors, the Bandit monitors your speed, altitude, G-Force, and acceleration to automatically tag your most exciting moments, making it easier to trawl through the footage for the sickest shots. The highlight reel is then sent to your phone via the Bandit’s companiong smartphone app via the inbuilt media server, and allows you to share your highlights quickly and then get back out and take some more footage.

Price in Australia: AUD 580 + Shipping

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