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This work of art, that doubles as an iphone/ipod dock with a top quality sound system, takes inspiration from radial aviation engines of old times.

With beautifully welded exhaust headers, the Ixoost Radial6 can be machined to your preference from aluminium alloy (6080 Aluminium) and finished in red, black or with leather. The Radial6 features two 28mm Silk Dome Tweeters, four 57mm Midrange / PPM cones, one 165mm Extended Range PPM cone and lastly, a 200mm Subwoofer powered by four 25w and one 270w amplifier.

Pleasing both to form and function, the Radial6 would be an impeccable addition to any mans garage.

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Price In Australia: From AUD 11,415 + Shipping