Skully AR-1 -

Imagine a motorcycle helmet which not only protects your head, but assists you in minimising the risk of having to use the helmet for it’s intended purpose.

The Skully AR-1 is designed to do exactly that.

The AR-1 is something you would have only dreamed of as a kid. With a blind-spot camera and transparent heads up display (HUD), the Skully AR-1 not only eliminates blind spots, but it puts the most important information right in front of you.

The AR-1 features GPS integration giving the rider turn by turn directions, intelligent sound processing to assist in hearing more accurately, and 360° vision through the use of an ultra-wide angle rear view camera to enhance situational awareness.

The Skully AR-1 is currently available in two colours; Matte Black and Gloss white. Unfortunately the AR-1 is currently only legal in Queensland due to the change of helmet standards from Australian standards to United Nations standards.

Price in Australia: AUD 1900 + Shipping

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