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URWEK’s new UR-105TA is no average timepiece. “TA”, which stands for “Turbine Automatic”, is the movement’s automatic winding which has been optimally regulated by dual air turbines in full view on the case back. The winding system has three settings: “Full” which allows the maximum amount of kinetic energy to wind the mainspring, “Red” for reduced, which regulates the winding mechanism and “Stop” for those that prefer manually winding.

Urwek labels this piece of engineering as the URWEK Knight, it’s bezel evokes the breastplate of a knight’s armour, protecting the mechanism from the ravages of time.

UR-105 TA is available in typical URWERK black and titanium or red gold titanium, vibrant Black Orange or Black Lemon.

Price in Australia: AUD 80,000