NFTY Battery Bank -

No matter what type of outlet you have, whether it be a wall outlet, USB plug or a car cigarette lighter port, the NFTY Battery Bank will allow you to plug in and charge your smartphone, smart watch or tablet to whatever port you have on hand.

This super compact charger flaunts pop-out prongs to connect to a wall outlet, pop-out usb charger to plug into your computer, and a pop-out cigarette lighter adapter allowing you to connect it to virtually any charging point you could think of. It also boasts 4 USB ports allowing you to charge multiple devices at once and retractable cable management to keep your charge cable under control when not in use.

The NFTY Battery Bank can detect when your device is fully charged and then reroute power into it’s built- in 4000 mAH lithium polymer battery, allowing you to charge your device even when there are no charging outlets available.

The NFTY Battery Bank is currently on IndieGogo, if you are interested in this product get behind it and pledge on the NFTY page.

Price in Australia: AUD 70 + Shipping

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