BatteryBox -

Many people nowadays are constantly on the go. These people often find themselves in the situation where they need to get some work done, but their devices are all out of battery with no power points in sight. Meet BatteryBox, the mobile power solution for those on the go.

The BatteryBox is a portable battery that can power a MacBook Air for 13 hours straight, or fully charge an iPhone 11 times, and it does it all whilst being smaller than the size of a can of your favourite carbonated drink.

With 60Wh of output energy contained in the BatteryBox, it’s the highest energy density product of it’s kind. It features two outputs – one for powering your MacBook, and the other for a USB device. Through the use of it’s BatteryOS system, the BatteryBox can control the energy inside it’s lithium-ion batteries enabling them to hold more charge and keep working like new even after years of use.

The BatteryBox includes a special cable to power MacBooks which comes with 4 SnapFit clips, each compatible with a different MacBook model. Simply select the clip compatible with the model of your MacBook, snap it on, and you’re good to go.

Price in Australia: AUD 280 + Shipping

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