AXEL Modular Headphones -

Everyone has their own distinct taste in music; some people like electronic music with heavy bass and big drops, and some prefer smooth Jazz that is generally quieter and softer. So why not buy a pair of headphones that is designed to complement the style of music you listen to?

This is where the Axel Modular Headphones come in.

With Axel, there are three different “Soundscapes” to choose from; Pure, Deep, and Core. These Soundscapes are specifically engineered speaker units designed to enhance particular styles of music. The Pure Soundscape is a highly refined and open sound that unveils all details, so this Soundscape would be more suited to Jazz or Classical music. The Deep Soundscape is aimed at hip-hop or electronic music because it is designed to drive rhythmic patterns with reverberating lows aimed to deliver the fullest, most immediate experience, and the Core Soundscape is the most dynamic with smooth textures and a solid mid-range, aimed at contemporary pop and rock.

Simply select your Soundscape, then decide on if you want on-ear speaker units or over-ear speaker units and order.

Each set of headphones come with 3 different headband inserts which are interchangeable.

Price in Australia: AUD 160 for an on-ear set of Axels or AUD 190 for over-ear.

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