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As described on the crowd supply page, the Otium SoftRack is a “removable, all-in-one car rack designed to enable the everyday adventure”.

The Otium SoftRack is a lightweight roof rack kit designed to strap on to the roof of any type of vehicle, from your friends’ hatchback to your truck in just minutes, giving you the capacity to haul anything from a TV to a Kayak.

The SoftRack is made up of two weatherproof canvas covered foam blocks and 10″ nylon webbing straps so it can be used in any weather for any duration without an issue. To mount the SoftRack, simply place it on top of your car, put whatever you’re hauling onto the racks, and then tighten the strap through the interior of the car.

Each SoftRack comes with a carrying case with straps, and when not in use it is easily stored away in the boot of your car or in your garage.

Price in Australia: AUD 160 + Shipping

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