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Every engine and every car has a “sweet spot” – an optimal throttle position which maximises power and minimises fuel consumption. By driving in the sweet spot, you not only save fuel, you save money and cut emissions. The GoFar is a smart tool aimed at helping you drive your car in the sweet spot and save fuel, money, and our planet.

GoFar is a smart little unit which mounts on the dash above the steering wheel of your car and helps you to fill up your car less often and save money. The GoFar features an RGB LED display called the “RAY” display which glows a different colour in real time depending on your throttle position. The display glows red if the throttle is in a position which isn’t conservative and means you’re burning energy and wasting money, and it glows blue if you’re in the sweet spot mentioned before. In trials GoFar cut fuel use by 13 – 22%.

Installation is easy, simply find your car’s OBDII port – which by law must be within 60cm of your steering wheel – connect the OBDII module, and then mount the RAY display.

GoFar features a trip computer and an app which automatically gathers analytical data on your car allowing you to see trip times, trip costs, and fuel used. It also features a game which gives you a score based on efficiency allowing you to challenge your friends or compete globally.

Price in Australia: AUD 190 or get in early on Kickstarter.com and get it for AUD 150

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