Lily Camera - Waterproof Auto-Follow Drone -

UPDATE 13 January 2017

It seems that Lily was unable to fund the production of these drones, and the company will be shut down. See this article for more information. We’ll leave this post up here as an archive.

Lily is an auto-follow camera drone like no other. Instead of dealing with complicated controls, you simply throw the Lily camera in the air and it follows you via a waterproof tracker on your arm.

Oh, and Lily herself is waterproof as well – making it possible for kayaking, waterskiing, surfing and any other water sport you can imagine.

Lily can follow you from as close as 5m or as far as 30m. She takes beautiful full HD video (even in slow motion) as you carve up the slopes and 12MP still images of your family outing.

At 1.3kg the drone is light enough to carry with you, but with only a 20 minute flying time (and no replaceable battery) it will only be good for a few short scenes. We hope that a replaceable battery pack can be introduced in future, so that we can take a bunch with us as we travel into the wilderness.

The drone is being developed by Antoine Balaresque and Henry Bradlow and is currently in pre-ordering phase.

Price in Australia (pre order): AUD 650 (including shipping).

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