Aria - Control Your Smartwatch Using Hand Gestures -
The Aria is a simple snap-on device for your existing smartwatch that allows you to control it using gestures.
The device clips onto the wristband of your smartwatch and is able to track your finger movements. You calibrate it by assigning different taps, flicks and other movements to specific actions on the watch itself. The only contact the device has with your skin is the smooth silicon sensor (which can be positioned so that it remains comfortable).
Working with the small form factor of a smartwatch can be tricky, especially if you have big fingers. The Aria will make some of the common actions a little easier to control (especially since you can do that single-handedly as well).
Deus Ex Technology (the creators of Aria) says it will be compatible with Android Wear devices and Pebble Time (no word yet on Apple Watch integration). The Kickstarter campaign was slated to go live on 1 June, but we suspect it might be delayed as we couldn’t find it on the site. This looks like a great product, so we hope they will bring this to market soon.