SNAP - Make Furniture out of Anything -

Buying furniture can be a difficult and expensive exercise. If you don’t measure everything perfectly there is a serious risk that items won’t fit in where you expect them to… and what if you get bored of your old furniture? Well, you’d have to sell your existing stuff, move it out, go back to the store and find something else. Sometimes you just need table temporarily and purchasing a new one feels like a waste.

With the Snap Design brackets this is no longer an issue. These innovative brackets snap onto any flat piece of wood or metal and turns it into a table. Any shape or size could work – round, square, triangular, rectangular… your choices seem limitless.

The Snap system is versatile, easy to use and portable. Beautifully designed in San Francisco out of steel and available in 16 colour combinations. 4 Snap legs can accommodate almost 100kg of load together.

Check out the video here.

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