CUBE by Enevu -

The Enevu CUBE is an ultra-compact, incredibly versatile LED light source providing a high level of functionality within a unique and compact package. The CUBE can cast either a powerful, pure white light, or can be used to set the mood with a claimed “infinite” range of colours. The little light source has 3 settings, high, which puts out 100 Lumens, medium, which puts out 20 Lumens, or low, which puts out 1 Lumen. With it’s compact size, it’s powerful output, and the built-in hook to hang or stand, the CUBE can be used for a vast number of different uses; hang it from the roof of your tent as a lantern, or use it for a quirky decorative lighting solution. The CUBE is splashproof to IPX4 standards and is powered by 3 AAA batteries, allowing it to run for up to 3 hours continuously on high, 11 hours on medium, or 100 hours on low.

Price in Australia: AUD 40 + Shipping

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