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OWOW just launched their first Kickstarter campaign out of the Netherlands with a series of small MIDI controllers that make it easy to create unique sounds whilst moving around.

To explain very simply, a MIDI music controller is a device that inputs commands into your computer, which are then converted into sound through mapping different commands with various audio effects stored on your computer. A good example of this is an electronic piano, which maps various keys on the piano to various piano notes. The device itself does not produce any sound by itself.

What makes OWOW so interesting, is the types of sensors they included in their controllers. Gyroscopes, distance detecting controllers and line scanners are all part of the setup. This allows you to move the devices around, tap with your fingers, shake ’em and even change the proximity of your hand to the device to create different sounds.

This could be a lot offun for anyone that likes to play around with sound and music.

Price in Australia: Roughly AUD 140 per module + shipping.

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