The Baron Shave Kit -

The Baron Shave Kit is a contemporary re imagining of the classic wet shave kit. Concepts taken from a proven, 100 year old design have led to the design of this ultra-sleek shaving package. The kit includes a razor, unique brush and razor stand, as well as an integrated soap dish and extra blade storage, all screwing together into 1 compact package.

The Baron Razor is crafted from stainless steel and finished in an extremely durable matte-black coating. The Razor features both an open and closed comb for versatility. The brush, used to create a thick, hydrating lather, is made of premium quality synthetic fibers that offer superior performance and durability over animal hair brushes. Finally, the razor stand and travel case are constructed from a durable, impact-resistant polymer, designed to keep all your gear safe and organised when screwed together.

Price in Australia: AUD 95 + Shipping

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