Kien - Modular Sound from ex Bang and Olufsen Engineer

Ex Bang and Olufsen engineer Florent Gatin is launching the world’s first modular, portable sound system via Indiegogo this month.

The “Kien” set of speakers connect wirelessly to any smart device, and to other Kien speakers, to create 2.1, 5.1 or portable music wherever you go. The system is comprised of a central speaker unit (which acts as a hub and a sub woofer) and multiple portable satellite speakers.

Put them all together, and they look like a normal bar speaker system. They will play the same music together. However, you can position the satellite speakers anywhere you want, and even use them as individual bluetooth portable speakers. Put them around your house and the music will follow you as you move around.

This would be perfect for anyone that lives in a small space but has big demands on sound. You can have one product that is very versatile and useful in a variety of situations. With ex Bang and Olufsen engineering staff on board, we are sure the sound quality would be fantastic.

Indiegogo campaign