The Calligraph Duneshore -

The Calligraph Duneshore is the first model in the Calligraph F series, named after the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Although the landscape is described as flat and humble, there is one spot where the beach meets hills of wind-creased sand. This is the landscape that inspired the Duneshore case, resulting in a truly unique and beautiful timepiece.

In a market where technology is now the main drive to create more advanced watches, the Calligraph Duneshore embraces the art of communicating beautifully through mechanics. It represents the true essences of a mechanical watch in a modern context. With no battery and no electricity it is powered through kinetic energy of movement and there is a great satisfaction seeing the seconds hands sweep across the face in a natural movement.

As you place the watch near your ear you can hear the sound of watch working, beating 8 times every second, as if this mechanical device is alive. A marvel in engineering with countless pieces put together to perform just one function, a measurement of time. So simple but yet utterly satisfying.

In a world where a watch is no longer a watch, the mechanical watch is still the only concept which can deliver that time with elegance and allure. A concept in which The Calligraph Duneshore has captured perfectly.

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