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With it’s versatility, affordability, and small stature, we have seen a number of awesome creations made with the assistance of the tiny Raspberry Pi.

The Raspberry Pi Tube Amp is one of the latest and coolest creations yet to have popped up.

The Raspberry Pi tube amp is the first of it’s kind, being the only tube amp specifically designed for use with any of the 40-pin version of the Raspberry Pi. With a 24-bit DAC onboard driving it’s single stage 12AU7 tube amp, and a solid state Class-A output, this little monster can drive headphones from 32 to 300 ohms with ease. The Raspberry Pi Tube Amp also features a gain select switch with 3 gain settings, allowing the user to select the output voltage optimal for their headphones, so the only major concern you may have with this little amp is what you want to put it in.

Price in Australia: AUD 205 + Shipping

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